Dolls in ancient Greece were more than mere toys for children; they had a magical and religious character in the lives of adults. Ancient Greeks called them ‘Plagones’ or ‘Nymphs’ and were in a way related to the Dionysian Mysteries.

Dolls gifted their owners the femininity power of goddess Artemis, the promise of a fertile life, and the prevention of bad luck.

They were usually made of clay and adorned with elaborate hairstyles and dresses.

The doll’s arms and legs were attached to the body by wire to be able to move, breathing life into the lifeless figurine.

The charm of 2024 is a replica of a Greek doll from the 3rd century B.C. It is kept in the Louvre Museum.

We welcome the new year, forever feeling as children!

Charm 2024|MY DOLL

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