Interactions between ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian art took place since the distant iron age.

Among them was the manufacturing of charms and jewelry that served people’s need to attract luck, exorcise evil, to avert future perils and hardship.

The British museum accommodates a golden charm – a small, winged fish of the Nile – that was manufactured in Egypt during the 18th century BC.

The fish, as it gains power from the water current, manages to surmount waves and obstacles.

As a charm, it had become quite widespread during Egypt’s Middle Kingdom period by the name “nekhau” that means hanging and dangled.

It offered protection against disasters and floods of the Nile. Ancient Egyptians used to believe that the ones who wore the charm were bestowed security for the future that lies ahead, fertility, rebirth of both soul and body.

The Fish Charm comes in silver or brass and is worn with a string or a chain. 

Sterling Silver 925 or 18K Gold Plated Brass 

Porcelain Bead 

Chain Options:  Thread (Leather or Silk) or Sterling Silver 925 Chain or 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925 Chain 

Optional Color Selection of the Porcelain Bead: Turquoise, Bue, Green 

Dimensions: 4.1 cm  x 1.7 cm 

Charm 2022|Nile's Little Fish

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